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Pre-Pointe Summer Intensive

What is Pre-Pointe Class?

Pre-Pointe is a pointe preparation class for serious ballet students interested in dancing en pointe. Pre-Pointe is a 30-45 minute class that meets weekly, usually before or after the student’s ballet class.  A portion of the class is spent doing foot/ankle exercises and stretches on the floor. Students will also do strenuous core strengthening exercises using Pilates and progressing ballet technique exercises as well as some cardio. The other portion of the time will be spent at the barre doing repetitious strength-building exercises. Pre-Pointe Class is required before being considered to dance en pointe. The student will need to take a minimum of one year of Pre-Pointe before being considered for advancement to Pointe class.


Each session is 1.5hrs and can be taken in person (6) and via zoom (2)


DATES  June 3, 5, 10, 12     (11am-1230pm)

               July 8, 10, 15, 17    (11am-1230pm)

COST     $300


  • A non refundable deposit of $100 will secure your spot at registration is due by April 1 st , 2024

  • All payments must be received by May 31 st 2024

  • Attire: any colored leotard, convertible pink tights, ballet shoes.

  • Hair must be pulled away from face in a secure bun.

  • Equipment: one #2 pencil, therabands, Pilates ball (9 inch)

Space is limited for this workshop.
~  In order to be considered for pointe next season you must attend a total of 7 classes for the summer (5 in person and 2 via zoom). Student is allowed to miss one class from the summer session. Solo and duet Privates are also available upon request.

  • When can I take Pre-Pointe?
    All students who take ballet seriously are considered for Pre-Pointe and will selectively be given permission to join the class.
  • What are the requirements for Pointe?
    The student must have taken a minimum of two years of ballet. The student must be at least 11 years old (permission is needed for younger dancer). The student must be taking multiple ballet classes currently to dance en pointe. The student must demonstrate a serious attitude towards ballet. The muscles in the ankle and foot must be strong enough to demonstrate certain exercises flawlessly. The student must have a strong core and turnout ability. Ms. Regine will evaluate each student individually. Some students advance right away, some students may need to repeat Pre-Pointe couple of times.  Advancement depends on both attitude and physical ability. Each student's body is unique and will be assessed accordingly.
  • Is dancing en pointe dangerous?
    Dancing en pointe before the student is ready is very dangerous and will provides risks for the dancer. It is extremely important to take the advice of the instructor. When in doubt, wait a little longer. There are risks when dancing en pointe as there are risks in many sports and physical activities. However, if the student is well-paced and in tune with weight placement over the shoe and body alignment there should be no great effect. If the dancer looks wobbly or feels abnormal strain in the foot or ankle, she will need to be evaluated and might be asked to dance en demi-pointe (not fully on the tips of the toes) until ready to go fully en pointe. Each foot is different and each dancer may be prone to various soreness and/or minor injuries if at all. Again, each student will be assessed and addressed individually.
  • What happens after Pre-Pointe?
    Each student will take at least one year of Pre-Pointe. If the student is not completely ready for pointe, Ms. Regine will have the student stay in Pre-Pointe until the student is ready. If the student advances to pointe, Ms. Regine will advise the student regarding where and when to purchase pointe shoes. The student will continue to work on basic pre-pointe exercises while wearing pointe shoes. Ms. Regine will gradually increase the exercises at the barre to lead the student into full pointe exercises.
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