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Winter Contemporary Series

Classes are designed for intermediate / advanced level students ages 11 and up who want to explore different style for contemporary genres.

Regine Metayer (progressing contemporary technique)

Progressing Contemporary Technique is an innovative program that focuses on activating muscles groups through a process of utilizing resistance and strength training.


Sarah Stokes (contemporary acro flow)

Class begins with a conditioning athletic warmup. Through center, across the floor series, and improvisation, dancers will learn basic floorwork techniques focusing on release and resistance into the floor. Combining multiple modern dance and floor techniques, dancers will investigate their relationship with gravity and practice inversions and basic acrobatic movements through phrasework.


Jennifer Davis (contemporary ballet)

It’s a play on a classical ballet class and features progressive and accentuated movement both at the barre and in center. The class will help students to expand upon their ballet technique and develop a larger vocabulary for movement and quality of  movement


Darvensky Louis (contemporary hip hop)

Contemporary Hip-Hop is a fusion of qualities used to create humanistic movements and connections. Contemporary is a style that welcomes freedom and discovery. Hip-hop is a style that calls for groundedness, strength with controlled speed and precision. Together you have a mixture of qualities that turn into textures forming a unique style.

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$390 if paid by Dec 1st

$450 after Dec 1st


Dec 27 - 29

10am - 430pm


5770 Bethelview Rd Cumming, GA 30040

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