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Train with Passion workshop offers dancers an intense and thorough conditioning class accompanied by corrective advice and suggestions that can be applied to one’s own independent training. The workshop will focus on strength-building exercises, stretching techniques to lengthen lines, and ways to improve turnout. Ms. Regine will also provide specific exercises to stretch the hamstrings and lengthen muscles using the progressive ballet technique (PBT).  


Students will acquire new tools to supplement their own techniques, increase their extensions, and improve the overall quality of their dance performance. Ms. Regine will use conditioning and pilates exercises to strengthen the core and oblique muscles. She will help each student to build beautiful épaulement and improve their upper body posture. During this workshop, Ms. Regine will also demonstrate various ways to strengthen your lower back and abdomen, which in turn will allow students to develop high arabesques, front and side developpés. T


The minimum number of students will be 10 and there’s a maximum of 15 students per class.

Here is a link to a video of her recent workshops!

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