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The Pre-Professional Program (August- May) is specifically designed

for classically trained dancers preparing for a professional career in dance.

This program provides intermediate and advanced dancers ages 13-21 a

rigorous training in classical ballet, contemporary and modern.   Students

must take a minimum of 15-25 hours of training per week and one summer

intensive program in June which is designed to strengthen technique and

artistry, through study and performance, while providing an introduction to

the professional dance community.


The goal of the program is to prepare each student to enter the professional

dance world as a well-trained, versatile, multi-disciplinary artist. Acceptance

into the program is based on audition only.  Upon the successful completion

of the program, students will receive a certificate from Metayer

Conservatory of the Arts.



Acceptance into the program is based on audition only.  Anyone wishing to audition for the program should submit an application and either plan to attend the scheduled audition for this year's Pre Pro summer program. For dates please email Ms. Regine at

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